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Birthday Photo Shoot | This Little Cowgirl is 3! | Micke Grove Park – Lodi, CA

Birthday Photo Session

Toy Story Inspired birthday shoot posing idea

Karisa wanted to do something special for her daughter’s 3rd birthday.  Her daughter is heads over heels in love with the Toy Story movies.  So when Karisa asked me to do a Toy Story inspired photo shoot for her daughter, I got really excited!  It is not everyday I get to shoot a theme like this.  Also, this would be the 3rd shoot I had with Karisa and her family in 2021.  I am really honored and grateful for clients like Karisa!   Our December session day was nice and sunny. Micke Grove Park provided a great backdrop!

A Toy Story Inspired Photo Shoot

From the very beginning, Karisa had a clear vision of what type of images she wanted from our shoot.  She wanted photos with fun balloons, her daughter in a cowgirl outfit and a box of toys just like in Toy Story!  The balloons were such a fun prop!  Not only does Karisa’s daughter love balloons but Karisa is printing these photos and using them as decor during the actual birthday party!  Aren’t these photos adorable? You can just see the joy in this little cowgirl’s face.

Little girl holding balloons pose

Little girl balloon posing idea toy story inspired photo shoot

Little girl balloon posing idea

Little girl balloon posing idea

Photos with Woody is a Must!

You can’t have a Toy Story inspired birthday photo shoot without toys!  Karisa’s daughter loves all her Toy Story toys.  Woody is definitely her favorite out of all of them.  I love how we got so many precious moments with her and Woody!

Little cowgirl with Woody posing during toy story inspired photo shoot

Little cowgirl with Woody posing

Little cowgirl posing with Woody

Forky and the Amazon Box

For a Toy Story inspired birthday photo shoot, you have to have photos with a box of toys! It was so cool to see how Karisa’s daughter just played and enjoyed herself with her box of toys.  I have to be honest, I only watched until Toy Story 3.  So when Karisa’s daughter started playing with Forky (the spork character from Toy Story 4), I actually called him a “spoon”.  This is also the first time I did a shoot with an Amazon box as a main prop.  I was joking with Karisa that their Amazon box might be the most photographed ever!

Little girl with Forky pose during toy story inspired photo shoot


Little girl playing with Forky pose idea

Toy Story toys in a box

Little girl playing with toys posing idea

Little girl walking away from toys during toy story inspired phot shoot

Ending this Toy Story Inspired Session with Family Photos

I am glad we got to incorporate photos of the birthday girl with her mom, grandpa and grandma.  Isn’t it awesome that Karisa and her dad wore cowboy boots to be in theme with their birthday girl? I am so blessed to have been apart of the birthday celebration this way! Thank you Karisa for letting me capture these precious moments for you and your family!

Mom and daughter posing idea toy story inspired photo shoot

Little girl and grandma hugging during toy story inspired photo shoot

grandpa and granddaughter posing idea

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Little girl posing Woody

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